LiminalB video Selection for the International Streaming Festival The Hague

Curated by Federica Matelli


Juan Diego Tobalina
Jacopo Miliani
Javi Álvarez


International Streaming Festival The Hague

1-5 12 2010

Physical manifestations of the 5th edition Streaming Festival

Official opening on the 1st of December, Paardcafe, The Hague - the Netherlands
The Streaming Festival will also screen several carefully selected programs on the following occasions:
1 - 10 December, [.BOX], Milan – Italy. Program: Opening program 5th edition 2010
10 & 11 December, @State-X/New Forms, Paard van Troje, The Hague - the Netherlands. Programs: Cinemascoop, Experimental Base & the In the loop
11 - 23 December, [.BOX], Milan – Italy. Program: She shot pretty nice windmills









As Curator of the Organization for the Interdisciplinary Art LiminalB, in the occasion of the International Streaming Festival The Hague 2010, I have prepared a short selection composed by tree videos. Dealing with an online festival, I prefer to expose tree short videos, with a duration of no more than five minute each. I believed that Video, as other kinds of art, should to dialog in some way with the media in which it is exposed, some times by adapting to it, some times by contrast. In the Net case, I think it is appropriate to consider that public who views the videos far from a traditional festival auditorium or an exhibition Hall, Museum or Gallery – as for example in the daily ambient of his own house, in an office, in an unusual place or a crossing over place, as it could be an airport, a train station, or an hotel room – well, in these cases he can be distracted or not completely concentrated in the delight of the piece. For this I am of the opinion that to propose short videos is the best way to guarantee a complete vision, so refreshing the spectator attention and keeping it completely active during the 15 minutes broadcast.

I proposed tree short videos in total, close on esthetic, thematic and genre: Abstract Videos which are brought together by a mystic aura and by the search for the expression of something that is beyond our ordinary existence. Even though the histories that this trees videos tell us have nothing to do with Internet, I think it is a nice play to expose videos which touch the matter of the presence – absence, of surrealistic visions, or plays with multi-screening and multi-windows, because I consider that in some way this trees element take part of the Internet esthetic.

Tres actos solidarios para los que no están by Juan Diego Tobalina (Perú), shows tree performances of the artist in the context of his house to commemorate who is not here anymore, tree tribute-acts to connect with the afterlife or other dimensions. Aurora by Jacopo Miliani (Italia), is a plastic and purely abstract video in which images with a supernatural power contrast with the formal game and with the geometry of the monitor, while Megafauna by Javi Álvarez (España), transports us to a fantastic world where survive and reside the human animality, in the shape of the “afrodite zebroide”, an animal of hot blood wiped out in our world long time ago.

Federica Matelli